The utmost greatest quality in all Cannabis products imaginable, with customer service so amazing placing an order will be a breeze! We want to make this process as easy and issue free for customers like you as possible! And with that in mind and in heart, we created:

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Canada Kush is a Canadian Mail Order Weed company, providing all Canadians with the greatest Cannabis Products crafted carefully to satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs! Where you are looking to buy edibles online, buy weed online, buy concentrates online, or even buy moonrocks online, Canada Kush has it ALL!

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We put love into each bud selected ensuring our customers receive only the utmost greatest of quality when they order. With over 5 years of industry experience, Canada Kush has all the expertise and quality products you desire and need! An online dispensary Canada is proud of.

Canada kush has products for every Canadians taste and price range. We have a budget Buds Menu allowing you to still get a crazy high without breaking the bank to do so.

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All of our cheap weed still goes through the same screening process, only the finest buds get shipped to our amazing customers.

The cheapest buds, the greatest quality. We also have high thc strains Canada loves! Our prices cannot be beat, and we guarantee that.

Find any price that is better than ours, and we will match it. No questions asked. With a range of $99 ounces, we ensure you wont find a better price anywhere else.

We have the greatest THC edibles Canada has to offer. Weed edibles, Chocolate, Gummies, Candy and More! Satisfy your sweetest, and quench your THC hunger. We Have a variety of concentrates as well, RSO oil and tinctures Canada loves. Why go anywhere else when Canada Kush has it all!


With exceptional customer services and prices that cannot be beat, Canada Kush will elate you with the highest quality in every field you are searching for. We check every box and we know it! Cocky? Maybe a little, but only because We put so much effort into ensuring our product meets the highest of standards, with only the highest quality of BC premium bud making it into our inventory.

Martha Stewart


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I have never, ever had a bad experience with Canada Kush! They have exceptional customer service and the most amazing weed, with really great prices too! We have ordered a lot of different strains of weed from here and every single time have had the most amazing highs! The response rate is really fast and they communicate with you and work with you on any issues. I would really highly recommend this place to anyone! Five stars all around!!

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