AFGHAN SKUNK STRAIN OVERVIEW Afghan Skunk is a carefully indica-dominant hybrid that has a sedative-like effect on its clients. While this strain could now no longer have the most stunning heady fragrance, it reportedly has some medicinal advantages. Users say that this strain can help ease arthritic symptoms, quell muscular aches and once more pain, and reduce insomnia.















Despite its name, this fusion of Afghani indica and robust Skunk genetics first passed off withinside the United States. Since its creation, Afghan Skunk’s popularity has continued to soar, lots simply so it has end up a an lousy lot-loved strain worldwide.


It is extensively seemed as a cannabis conventional and brought into attention one of the first rate lines of all time. What Is the Afghan Skunk Strain? Afghan Skunk is a in huge component indica-dominant (85%:15%) hybrid strain that modified into first feminized through manner of manner of Advanced Seeds. It is a pass of the herbal indica Afghani strain and the legendary hybrid strain Skunk #1. Afghan Skunk offers a immoderate that is first of all euphoric and uplifting. Most clients say that they remain clear-headed and focused, at least withinside the quick term.


However, due to the fact the indica results start to take over, a deep feeling of relaxation envelops the user. Afghan Skunk’s sedating and soporific results end up so overwhelming that most may be up for little greater than sitting once more and exciting. Naturally, Afghan Skunk’s results make it an lousy lot greater suitable for middle of the night rather than day time use. The Afghan Skunk strain is fairly strong, with an average THC content material fabric of 17.5%. The THC diploma can gain as immoderate as 19% in some flora, so its results can variety a bit in their intensity. Inexperienced cannabis clients need to be aware that this strain can cause couch-lock and some negative reactions. We will communicate the ones later withinside the ‘Possible Side Effects’ section. Aroma Afghani Skunk has the typical “sweet stink” associated with exclusive skunk strain varieties. It has a in addition pungent and musky heady fragrance to its decide strain, Skunk #1. While its more potent and pungent odors dominate, Afghan Skunk’s buds really have a slight, subtle menthol fragrance. Infused with the ones aromas are earthy and piney notes, too, but the ones mild in evaluation to its wellknown pungency. Flavor The Afghan Skunk strain’s aroma gives you an super idea of approaches it’s going to taste. Just like its fragrance, its taste is in addition pungent.


However, it moreover has sweet floral notes, complemented through manner of manner of piney and earthy flavors. RELATED ARTICLE Top 5 Classic Cannabis Strains Some topics in no manner change…… Appearance A awesome feature of an Afghan Skunk plant is its highly massive and dense buds. These are protected in a generous coating of resinous trichomes which may be so thin that they’re almost inconspicuous.


The bright-orange pistils are an lousy lot greater prominent and curl throughout the plant’s huge buds. A mature Afghan Skunk plant grown indoors will range in height amongst 70-100cm. However, it may expand appreciably taller at the same time as grown outside and might gain amongst 2-3 meters in height. Afghan Skunk Strain Grow Info Experienced Afghan Skunk growers rate this plant’s expand hassle as easy.


Therefore, it’s far a suitable plant for newbie growers to attempt their hand at cultivating. An Afghan Skunk plant’s favored growing medium is soil, and it may be grown each indoors or outside. If growing indoors, it’s far truely beneficial to use an effective air go with the drift tool due to Afghan Skunk’s pungent heady fragrance.


Trust us; your expand room will heady fragrance lots extra energizing if you use an extractor fan. An Afghan Skunk plant moreover grows nicely outside, even in cold climates, as it’s far proof against negative weather conditions. Colder conditions can cause the Afghan Skunk’s buds to expose a colorful purple and purplish color. Indoors, Afghan Skunk’s flowering period is throughout the eight-week mark. If growing outside, you could count on the ones flora to be geared up for harvesting spherical mid-October. If you are growing your Afghan Skunk plant indoors, you are looking at a pass returned of amongst 400-500g in step with meter squared.


Outdoor growers can count on an average yield of approximately 600g in step with plant. THC Content – Highest Test The most acknowledged THC diploma recorded in an Afghan Skunk strain sample is concept to were 19%. CBD Content – Highest Test The most CBD content material fabric recorded in an Afghan Skunk strain modified into reportedly 0.8%. Medical Benefits of the Afghan Skunk Strain Given its results, the Afghan Skunk strain may also moreover offer some health advantages to medicinal marijuana clients. Most clients say that Afghan’s immoderate has an uplifting mood-enhancing effect. Therefore, it can provide quick relief for sufferers of mood issues which includes depression and anxiety. Some Afghan Skunk folks who smoke say that it allows to alleviate severa painful conditions. Reviewers of this strain say that its exciting results soothe arthritic, muscular, and reduce once more pain. RELATED ARTICLE Top Medical Uses for Indica Marijuana Strains Why pick out an indica?… As nicely as exciting the body, the Afghan Skunk strain moreover allows lighten up the mind. This calming effect may also moreover make Afghan Skunk suitable for sufferers of chronic strain. Afghan Skunk’s soporific results, which represent its latter stages, may also moreover help cannabis clients with insomnia to get some an lousy lot-needed sleep. Possible Side Effects of the Afghan Skunk Strain The most normally reported side results associated with the Afghan Skunk strain are cottonmouth and dry eyes.


However, its powerful indica results can purpose couch-lock if you overindulge. Less now no longer unusualplace negative reactions encompass dizziness, headache, and paranoia. Final Thoughts on the Afghan Skunk Strain Afghan Skunk is a strong indica-dominant strain that has received a popularity for being a conventional cannabis strain. This perfect fusion of indica and skunk genetics has produced a deeply exciting and amusing strain. If you are searching out a wake and bake strain, then look elsewhere. However, if you are searching out a strain so that you can help lighten up your body and mind, Afghan Skunk is an exceptional choice. For cannabis cultivators, the satisfactory records is that an Afghan Skunk plant can withstand negative conditions. Its durable nature makes it even suitable for a newbie grower. However, it’s far critical to go through in mind that Afghan Skunk flora have a pungent and musky heady fragrance. It is truely beneficial to have a nicely-functioning air go with the drift tool in location if you will be growing it indoors!

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