What is Sticky Weed? Why is it so damn good

We’re not usually big fans of sticky things (sticky fingers, sticky hands, sticky floors, sticky countertops…). ).

Those of you new to the cannabis experience, and even some longtime cannabis enthusiasts, may not be familiar with sticky weed. It’s good. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

We are here for you. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about sticky weed and why you should get yourself some sticky buds.

What is sticky grass?

Sticky weed (or “sticky evil”) is a slang term for marijuana buds that still contain a large amount of resin in their trichomes. It is this resin (or essential oil) that gives sticky weed its name.

Think of it like the sap of a plant.Or like maple syrup for those of you with enough biology for the day. Anyway, that’s what makes this type of weed sticky.

So sticky is it a good thing? Or should you smoke something drier?

Is sticky weed good for you?

Normally with something sticky we’d tell you to drop it like it’s hot. But with sticky grass, all we can say is, “Hold on to that sticky grass as if your life depended on it!”

In other words, and to answer the question directly, “Yes! Yes!Yes! Sticky weed is good.”

The sticky cannabis herb comes from

. In
fact, it’s the crème de la crème. It’s the holy grail of cannabis if the holy grail were available at your local dispensary and not hidden away in a warehouse somewhere.

If you’re lucky enough to try sticky weed, give it a try. It can change your life forever.

Why Sticky Weed is Cannabis TopShelf

Sticky Weed is all about resin.But this resin doesn’t (unfortunately) appear out of nowhere. And the Harz actually has more to offer than you think.

To help you understand, let’s start at the top and work our way down.


flowers of the cannabis plant

It all starts with flowers. Cannabis flowers (or “buds” for short) grow on the female potted plant. combination of the two.

The flowers are also covered with small hairs. But don’t draw your knife just yet. This “hair” has a purpose.


“Trichomes” is a fancy word for the glands of the potted plant. You have glands I have glands The pot has glands.We all have glands.

The job of these glands is to produce and secrete things. In humans, that “thing” is hormones. In the potted plant, that “thing” is the resin.

There are actually three different types of trichomes on the cannabis plant, but the large stalks are the largest and most common of the group. This is where most of the resin production takes place.

You can find trichomes by looking closely at the flowers of a mature female cannabis plant. At first glance they look like little hairs.

But on closer inspection you can see that it is actually a handle with a round head.This is where all the action happens.


Close-up of trichomes forming sticky weed

The cannabis plant produces flowers. These flowers produce trichomes. The trichomes then produce resin.

And as mentioned before, it’s the resin that gives the sticky weed its name and makes the cannabis plant (at least in our opinion) the ninth wonder of the world.

As you probably guessed from all the gooey talk, the resin in the cannabis plant is gooey and gooey. Its color varies from translucent to hazy reddish to orange depending on where the cannabis plant is in its life cycle.

But that might leave you wondering, “Why do you make resin look like an orgasm covered in ecstasy powder and sprinkled with endorphins?”

The answer to this very creative question is in the next section.


THC molecule

cannabinoids are simply chemicals. More specifically, cannabinoids are chemicals that interact with cannabinoid receptors in your brain.

They have names like:

These chemicals get you high, relieve pain and relieve anxiety after smoking a joint or eating brownies.

Cannabinoids are only found in the resin produced by the trichomes of the marijuana plant.It sounds like a well-known nursery rhyme: the cannabis plant that produced the flower that produced the trichomes that produced the resin that contained the cannabinoids.

Oh, if only our childhoods were so much fun.

So, to sum it all up,

cannabinoids are what you are looking for in cannabis. They’re what you’re looking for when you’re smoking a blunt or eating a hemp jelly. And they’re only found in the resin produced by the trichomes of a flowering potted plant.

So if you want

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